thoughts of twentyten.

monday night.
the world is awake
slightley twirling
down this fate

spinning faster
losing control
creating a disaster
beyond it all

fear is rising
as the ground is shaking
hearing mother earths roar
foggy surroundings
cloudy paths
danger's around us as she calls...

to survive it
we must keep hope
we must keep fighting
or we'll loose it all...

only belief can change us
and only god can judge
what lies beneath us
what conquer us all

at the brink of everything
is where we rise up
we see our failures
we learn from our faults
we carry our heritage
beyond our call

tomorrow might not be here
for us to live
yet today is lying here
beneath our feet
we must learn from yesterdays
to earn our defeats
for only a coward
says this is our destiny to meet...

in change we trust
its clearly something we must
for when u see the world today
we all, already know
that what we once had
is no more...

but we mustn't loose faith
for its not what we got
- its what we make of what we got...

we can win this war.

we'll show them haters
them disbelievers
them demons
and them devils around the world...

its never too late.
cuz it aint over 'til its over...

dont forget.
its all that matters.

- davidredjoy

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