Insane (A Mental Picture)

I still don' know, if its somethin to hold
But something tells me its worth finding out
And on that im certain, without a doubt!

Cuz I'm still thinkin 'bout you, still seeing your face
Still watchin' u move, every night in my dreams
Wanting to find out, wanting to see
If it might be something and that it aint just me
Havin these chills, this urge to be
Dancing wit ya, feeling your body on me...

Your chocolate brown eyes searching around
Wanting to see me, wanting me to feel
The tention around u, all the hearts u break,
When movin your body to the rythm n sound
U make me stare, cant look away
The emotions u create in me, makin me wanna say
You're all I ever want in my life
All I'd ever wish for, let me make u my wife...

Got this mental picture in my mind
Of when I first saw u sittin there,
So innocent, but with a hint of a dirty mind
When u started to dance u took my breath away,
I thought I'd died,
Gone to heaven, cuz u looked like an angel to me,
Got this mental picture of all I want u to be
But I dont even know you, dont even know your name
Just hav this memory, a mental picture,
Makin me go insane...

Your exotic fragrance, with a scent of perfection
Went right up my nose,
It made me shiver and filled wit hope...
Crazy feelings up in my mind, watching u from nearby,
My heart beating faster, like a taurus gone wild...

You got me day dreamin bout a future close to this
Maybe tomorrow or even in just a lil' bit
We'll run into eachother, makin plans for life
Fall in love and be talking bout nuttin all night
Holding me close to ya, naked so tight
Sweattin n moanin' when makin love all night...
You match my swagger with your playful style,
I can see me text to ya, we fit perfectly you and I...


I wanna see ya again, wanna live this dream
At least try on it and feel the scene
Create love letters to send ya, maybe even a flower now and then
Just whatever it takes, for me to be your man...

[Chorus & Out]

Haha a bit obvious vad denna låt-texten handlar om kankse :P hrm.. Haha kan iaf tillägga att den är skriven på frihand direkt här i bloggen, fick kopiera över den på ett vanlig dokument så den finns sparad på min dator med :P haha... Ibland bara går det på när amn skriver, kan itne sluta! Ska bara skriva melodi till den också nu sen e jag nöjd =)

Ibland känner man bara att man måste få någon, det kanske låter lite "Insane" som sagt och galet men att iaf få möjligheten att försöka är något jag tycker alla borde ha chansen till... Och även våga försöka sig på. Det kan förändra en, å tänk själv hur bra det skulle kunna bli ;P

Min tur, så det så! :P

Inferno på fredag igen, fick nyss inbjudan på FB. Tydligen Dancehall Special på fredag så det ska bli skoj ;) mohaha... Wine it baby, wine it!! :D haha...

Nä, lite te eller ngt nu kanske? :D


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