creatin' a future

Life in a distant is always different to plan.
Time is unsure, we never know how it will end.
But as a alarm-clock we always set time
For ourselves to remember
For ourselves to take time...

An upcoming preperation
For something undefined
A secret obsession
For somebody we deny
With love in a distant
But dreams on hand
We make sure our own differences
Crossover as we stand
On different sidewalks
In different times
But with same discression
We excist, hand in hand...

We rely on eachother
Not to say a word
When we deny one another
Being without that we deserve
Illogical answeres
Surreal hope
Strange accessories
To words we shouldn't know of

Like expressions without sound
Silence with volume so loud
Being stupid is bliss
Praised inside out
Narrow we stand..


But far distance sourrounds us
Shouting so hard
Losing faith in reality
Praying so badly
What we all search for
In the future we may have
Sharing without second thought's
Never regreting what once was

Creatin future
Is this really what we are all, in search of?

Lose your mind
Breathe through your soul
Close your eyes
Taste with your heart
Fall asleep
For when u wake up...

The future is allready here...

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