standardized measures

Poeple be hatin' in whats different, they fear it...
Thats why they try to blend in... 
Stay behind fashion, and be scared of new things 
But I don wanna adapt, I wanna create my own line
Have an own aisle with stuff that are just mine...
Being uniqe is a feature not many can try
But they who does wont ever deny
That it brought them to new levels in life
It gave them a new posse, one who always stand up behind...

In this reality we go on with our lives
Without asking questions, without asking why?
We agree to these conditions, these bunch of lies
When all we really need is, to defend our thoughts and cry
Cuz its within all conclusions, all the facts they try to fight
That in ourselves is the soloution, to what really needs our help...

If we cant defend ourselves then why bother at all?
For at the end thats what really makes us fall...
We gotta stay stong to be able to stand tall
And we gotta learn to rise again
We gotta learn though thats what hurts most of all...

If we dont have bravery then who are u to claim
That we are nothing on our own, we are all the same

But we are not.
We are born with difference
We are born tough
Some are raised with pride
And some grown rough
Others maybe wont survive
And other may never give up...

But we are all on this earth together, so who can kick me down
From this pedestal where I'm standing, 
Observing the naked world, that drowns...
Life is here, we all arrenged it
So dont go hating on those who stand out
When what really matters
Is you get the same hit
Without a doubt...

There is no such thing as plain happiness
Its all made by waves, just like an EKG machine...
What goes up, must come down
And so it goes...


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