its new years eve bitch!

Yo people, this is that cracker-head speaking again to y'all! Got some stuff I gotta be honest 'bout... You know, this balled-out-oversized-once-a-year-happening is kinda worn out for me aight :P So, thats why I decided - after a lot of recalculating and lonely hours of thinking - to stay home, for once, just take it with some ease instead of bringing the bubbles and tuxido, cohiba and hennesy.... The Beginning on 2K9 gon' be different for sure! =) 

Haha who am I kiddin'?! Lets get waisted and puke on eachother y'all! =)

Or.. uhm.. not. At least not like that I aint! You know there aint no stoppin' on that bottle of Dom or that fresh dry-cleaned, taylor-made gucci-suit I just love to put on... And I aint even gon' get started about those golden marc jakobs shades, uh huh! that'll be 2 much for ya to handle! =)

I mean, listen to me, this is a happenin' we all treasure, no doubt! But still, why all the fuzz? black and white parties, cigarrs between our fingers and 4ct ice on our earlobes... Sure it looks nice, we all play good, thats for sure, its a fact aight! But hey, who are we to take that decission upon eachother..? Whom has the hottest bitch? The hottest rides? Best ballers, greatest playa's? Damn what kind of life is that? We all live it but what life is it? Its just plain unhuman-wannabe-gangsta'rich-hood-cat written all over it... Why not make a different and give a little joy to others instead of braggin' about it for those who allready got the same...? Thinking is the best acting we got... Somehow, we forget that so easily... Humans are so easily corrupt... Fake-ass-bitches are what we are thats for sure! 

We need an intervention or sth, and thats fast...! 

Give the shining to the stars, The power to God, but keep the hope - for it can adapt to one another...

New Years Eve 2oo9
Let's pray for a year filled with wisdom and love
U never know, it might become true...


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