christmas time.

isn't it a wonder? a second hand of life?
a steady rock of thunder, that gives us a glimse of a new high..
sparkling lights that shines so bright,
jolly carrols that brings joy for all our strides
reprises of emotions we all felt before
with a new devotion to the hearted soul...

christmas time in all we feel
spreading tides with tears of joy
seeing now in what we believe
leaving all we had before...

christmas time is all we need
to be free again and share a hopeful seed
longing for the time of love
these days are ours of ease to hold...

gaze into the moring sun
the snow blends the covered soil
making angels in the gardens we own
creating lights upon the darken home

making love when at war
with thousands of snowballs thrown, we soar
with happy laughter inside the warmth
in front of the fireplace by stone...

the decorated christmas tree
is all we'll ever need..

- for when the light are on and shining so bright
it'll never again, be a lonesome, darken, ice cold night...


fairytales in all their glory
tho this one is for real...

Peace, Love & Belief

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